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Can Chiranjeevi create history like NTR?

Chiranjeevi was dragged into political discussions by fans and media even though he doesn’t utter a single word on his political motives. According to rumours, Chiranjeevi is in consultation with his close aides regarding his political plans and he may announce his new party after Sankranthi festival. As per sources, he wants to start a political party with new agenda with the help of young and dynamic leaders. But political hopefuls and opposition leaders are trying to place “Kapu card” on Chiranjeevi. It is interesting to see how Chiranjeevi can handle this caste image which was imposed on him even before he enters into politics.

Political observers are asking few interesting questions:

1. Is there any space left for new political outfit?

In 1983, NTR easily came to power just within 9 months of Telugu Desam inception due to huge political vacuum.

But Chiranjeevi can win if he can successfully mobilise “unhappy communities” with new agenda. He may face problems in Rayalaseema and Telangana but he may emerge as largest party in coastal Andhra. It will be difficult for him to sweep polls as NTR did in 1983.

2. Can Chiranjeevi emulate NTR?

NTR used his charisma, exceptional oratory skills, media and political vacuum to the maximum to decimate Congress party. Congress leaders underestimated NTR’s ability and paid the price.
But this time, TDP and Congress are not underestimating Chiranjeevi. But Chiranjeevi created good image among people through his social activities like blood banks and eye banks.

Chiranjeevi may not get media support as it was enjoyed by NTR in 1983. Congress and TDP may do anything to spoil his political aspirations.

3. Can BCs support Chiranjeevi?

NTR came to power by successfully combining Kamma’s money power and BCs statistical power (number). Can Kapu + BC alliance come to power? We have to wait and watch.

4. Can he get support from non-Kapu fans?

It is the most crucial question. If fans from other castes (except Kapu and BC) support him politically, he may easily win 2009 assembly elections.

According to my small survey in Ongole, 30% of fans from other castes are not supporting his political ambitions. They want to see him as “Andarivadu” but not as “Kondarivadu”.

5. Available time:

NTR had just 9 months in 1982 but Chiranjeevi has 18 months to win next Assembly elections.

6. Political rivals:

NTR has lesser rivals in the state in 1983 but he faced charismatic leader like Indira Gandhi. Chiranjeevi has to face strong local leaders like Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu in the state to win polls.

We have to wait and watch his political moves before coming to conclusion. Will Chiranjeevi really enter politics?



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